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Lost (and Found) in Translation 5 - english

Working as a freelancer is, at least, “different”. I came from the traditional job market, with employment contract, working at the site of the client, on business hours, and I felt the difference. The main thing is time management. When I say time management, I am not only talking about the translation projects, but also about family commitments, and even leisure.

Mox’s Blog, as always…

When I used to go out of home for work every day in the morning, it was a “ritual” for my kids, “Mommy is not at home and we can only talk with her by phone or email.” Working at home, they had to get used to the fact that the time when I am on the computer means Mommy can’t be interrupted. A few months ago, my 3-years-old daughter wanted to go play in the backyard, and wanted me to go along. I showed her the scroll bar of my translation in my CAT tool, and explained to her that when it reached the end, Mama could go. She stayed by my side, encouraging me, vibrating with every little drop the bar made. On the other hand, another day I had to cancel movie time with my husband, because my 17-year-old daughter needed me to take her to school for an appointment, and she warned me just in time when she had to leave. These cases are just a few examples of problems of management of my day’s 24 hours that have arisen since I started working at home with translation. Looking for help on the problem of managing my time, I found these very interesting sites:

I hope it will be helpful for you too. :) I say goodbye to you with a hug, until the next newsletter.


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