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Lost (and Found) in Translation 8 - English

Action movie scene.

There's one hour for the deadline, you're in the middle of proofreading the monster job, the phone's ringing, your daughter is on the side, tugging on your arm and wanting attention, and OmegaT decides to act up with me. Some problem with its Java-who-knows-what. I glance at the project`s TM, it's empty. WHAT????

10, 9, 8, 7, 6... I breath deeply, once again, 10, 9, 8, 7, ...

Red wire or blue wire? Do I call to 221b Baker Street? Can I yell?

You know, St. Jerome, you could help me in these difficult times. *&#$¨*#*$&#¨*@#&!

That same day, a translator who's a fellow friend of mine, Julia Debasse, compassionated with the expressions of St. Jerome's "selfies," tried to express what he'd say if he lived today. She summed up the collective translational imagination in the expressions of our patron. I've read it and felt all the world's empathy flowing between me and St. Jerome. With permission from Julia, I share (with commentaries) the dramatic selfies of St. Jerome, with edition done by me and Sofia (my daughter).

​I hope you like it (and find it useful too).

I say goodbye to you with a hug, until the next newsletter.


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