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Lost (and Found) in Translation 6 - english

Working as a freelancer has its positives, like making your own work schedule, choosing where to work (not only in a home office, but also, when coworking, in vacation, etc.), and choosing your colleagues. But, mainly, choosing how to work. In what other place could I work while watching “Império” (a Brazilian soap opera)? Or watching “Dupla Identidade” (a Brazilian TV series)? Or even the entire “A Teia” (another Brazilian series)? OK, I’ve sort of gotten carried away, but I think you can tell that I am a bit addicted to Brazilian soap operas.

Mox, as always.

Now, focusing on the question regarding posture, since I’m not in a company where the furnishing and the routine in general would be determined by ergonomics and work health, the workplace isn’t always appropriate for translating “marathons”, causing short, medium and long term consequences to our health. I remember when I worked in a large Brazilian banking group. The chairs were adjusted periodically by physiotherapists, and so the height of the computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. Physiotherapists came weekly, getting the people out of their chairs to do exercises. Clearly, physical exercises are a good thing, but the floor only had statisticians, engineers, mathematicians, and physicists, so the nerdy group would start laughing with every movement. Well, in my home office it’s all different. I have to repeat what I learned with the physiotherapists in the bank, but I am not always able to. Therefore I get a painful wrist, hand, or back, and headaches, side effects of an inadequate environment and posture. Besides redimensioning my work environment and trying to adapt it to the type of activity, I’ve also tried to implement an exercise routine that would be compatible with me. In this search, I found the article below apropos the subject, and it seemed very interesting: Posture Exercise: 10 Easy Stretches For Better Posture.

I practice those exercises, and others that were sent as suggestions from colleagues in a mutual translator’s group in Facebook. It’s impossible to label this subject as secondary. I say goodbye to you with a hug, until the next newsletter.


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