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Lost (and Found) in Translation 9 - English - Terrifying 2015

People say it’s foolish to mark time in intervals. I digress. On the 29th of December I was reminiscing the past year, trying to comment on a Facebook friend’s post, which asked for the definition of 2015 in one sole word. What came to my head (an old technique in market research, haha), was TERRIFYING.

In many ways. But, specifically in traslation, I was not only scared, but I marveled, I anguished, I was disgusted, saddened with many of the texts I translated this year. Because translators aren't machines - and never will be - we are human beings gifted with feelings, and mainly, gifted with discerning based on such. I've had jobs that took more than twice the normal time because I couldn't hold back the sadness and disgust of what I had to read to translate. And jobs that were very quick, and so satisfactory that I suffered a sort of "withdrawal" from continuing.

I translated my first book this years, in an area relating to my original education, and I became very, very proud of myself. And after, I translated yet another in my area, and I loved the experience. I also translated documents about things I'm afraid to talk about. I felt like Nicole Kidman in The Intepreter (I know that's sort of paranoic, but it's exciting, haha.) The words crossed the screen, in several CATs, and came out in another language. I mentally discussed with the readers of the documents I translated, argumenting that my choice of words was good, that they were able to understand the text better this way, that with another construction it would be more difficult. And they responded in turn, inside my head, the crazy lady controlling the CAT.

In this year, I decided that I would win over the world and talked with clients all over it. And I decided to put what I know to practice, from other times (and careers), putting into practice MKT ideas in a whole different business. I met new people, new companies, new clients, and I had fun via Skype talking about jobs and life. Because those who talk to me know I won't shut up until I tell them the latest about my daughter, Theodora.

I found 2015 to be a complicated year, terrifying, really. From the words written in my CATs to the words in the articles from newspaper websites, the year was scary. I am waiting for 2016 with open arms - so that it comes quickly; I'm counting down the seconds.

​I hope you like it (and find it useful too).

I say goodbye to you with a hug, until the next newsletter.

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