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Lost (and Found) in Translation 4 - english

Autumn is starting where I live. Moreover, I have daughters in school age. Connecting the dots: it is the perfect combination for someone getting sick. Children in school age are ideal to bring every kind of sickness to the house, including flu, colds, bacterial infections, and all sorts of transmissible diseases among them. And we, the parents, we pay the consequences. Last week I “enjoyed” an amazing flu, which I have not had for so many years. I couldn’t even send the Newsletter on its correct date. For everybody working as a freelancer, it is a terrible nuisance. Without antipyretic drugs, the computer screen looks psychedelic, letters mixing, and the brain is so slow to respond. Like the lion in the Madagascar movie after taking the tranquilizer dart. Taking the medicine, sleep reigns supreme, the body is limp. It is so hard! Either option compromises the productivity at work, when it does not compromise the work entirely.

I finally returned to working, now that the recovering period is finished, and I have more trained immune cells against this specific virus (and it seems that no one else in home is sick). However, just in case I will take the flu vaccine as soon as possible, because being a freelancer has good aspects as well as bad ones. It is better to minimize the chance of any bad thing happens. On this subject, I liked the approach of this blog (Twagoblog), in this article: A Freelancer’s guide to being sick.

I say goodbye to you with a hug, until the next newsletter.


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